Cedar Garage Doors

Looking for a timber garage door that is a cut above the ordinary? We can help.

Choose Cedar Garage Doors to add architectural elegance & style to your property.

At The Garage Door Co., we can custom-build the door you require, and we make this particular style in a horizontal or vertical format. Each client will have specific requirements, and we are able to flex to accommodate your vision, providing an impeccable finish and the highest quality craftsmanship for your new cedar doors.


Why Choose Cedar?

Cedar is a fantastic choice for your garage door as it has a natural resistance to decay, rot and moisture damage. Cedar is also fairly fire resistant and it is dense enough to provide acoustic dampening – it is also an excellent thermal insulator.

All of these properties combine to make this wood a great option for your garage, and on top of these advantages, cedar looks really stylish and weathers beautifully.

Why Choose Us?

The Garage Door Co. team are renowned for their extensive knowledge of all things garage door – it’s right there in the name. We are able to offer you an end-to-end service and incorporate smart options into your cedar door that will ensure you get added safety, security and comfort alongside your installation.

Choose Automation 

If you like the idea of fingertip control and never having to get out of your car to open the garage door again – you’ve come to the right place. We can fully automate your sectional cedar garage door, and we provide you with myQ App technology, which enables you to monitor and access control of your garage door even when you’re away. 

Choose Enhanced Security

Cedar garage doors are built tough and built to last. They are also built to keep out unwanted visitors – when you opt for added automation. Your App tracks all your entries and exits, and no one can get in without access to the App or your fixed or floating remote.

Choose Comprehensive Service

Alongside building a bespoke cedar garage door and installing smart automation, the expert team at The Garage Door Co. are on board for all your ongoing maintenance requirements. We have a close-knit team of five installers, and we ensure that every client the very best service possible.


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Are you looking for something special that will enhance and beautify your property? We can help. At The Garage Door Co, we pair the latest technology with classic styling to produce cedar doors that reflect our range of exceptional work.

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Garage Door Co only use the best materials, with all pre-painted steel made specifically for New Zealand conditions with excellent colour performance and scratch resistance.


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