Merlin® Commander Elite MS105MYQ


Designed for sectional garage doors, Commander Elite is quiet, powerful and reliable. It's also feature-packed, with myC and Battery Backup compatibility, bright LED lighting, energy save mode and safet! reversing. 7 year warranty. Included accessories: 2 x Premium+ Remotes; Two Button Wireless Wall Remote

  • Included Accessories:
    Security+2.0 remote transmitters select strongest frequency, with encrypted rolling code
  • Compatible with my technology which allows for the monitoring & control of your garage door opener away from home*
  • Quiet DC motor eliminates noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provides smooth operation
  • Compatible with optional Battery Backup accessory which ensures access even when the power is out*
  • Powerful LED lighting illuminates your garage corner-to-corner
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  • 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection
  • Input voltage: 240V AC
    Rated door area up to 20m²
  • Max door weight: up to 150kg
  • Max peak pulling force: 1000 N
  • C-rail with belt drive
  • 433.92, 433.30, 434.54 MHz AM radio with Chamberlain Security + 2.0 rolling code technology
  • Up to 64 memory registers
  • Courtesy light: Powerful LED Lighting
  • Min headroom required: 30mm
  • Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg
  • Suitable for steel and timber spring balanced doors
  • Door opening time: 18 seconds
  • Door closing time: 22 seconds
  • Based on a 2.4m high door
  • Door height: 3.5m
  • Door width: 5.7m
  • Double dwelling