Insulated Garage Doors



The typical kiwi garage is used for far more than just cars – think storage, a space for hobbies or an extra family room. With a premium insulated garage door, you can add an extra layer of thermal protection to your home, all while brightening the space and adding versatility to your garage.

Many of us will double glaze our windows, so why not insulate your garage door for protection too? We specialise in gargae doors insulated using a resene-owned polyurethane product, before being double skinned to ensure protection against the elements.


By working to keep the warm in and the cold out, your garage will not only be an optimal temperature all year round, but work to make your home more energy efficient.

With a smooth finish, white interior and added noise reduction, insulating your garage door instantly opens up the versatility of your garage space. The best bit? Insulation and double skinning also adds an extra element of strength to your door, meaning it’s more durable to stand the test of time.