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Streamlined Opening Systems 

Imagine never having to leave your vehicle to open your garage door again. At The Garage Door Co, we supply, install and maintain elegant solutions for all your roller door requirements.

Do you have a shed, garage or workshop with a large roller door? Thinking about installing one? Let us streamline your access with one of our state-of-the-art roller door openers. 

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Solutions

An automated roller door on your commercial property can save you untold time as you move stock, equipment and machinery in and out of your secure spaces – and time saved translates to cash savings.

When you are ready to shift materials, products, tools and vehicles, do you want your garage door to respond smoothly, rapidly, and quietly? We can help. Discover the pleasure of a door that opens and closes with a highly efficient rolling mechanism and lets you drive right in hassle-free.


Streamlined & Secure 

When you close your doors at the end of the day, it is essential to be able to relax, knowing that your commercial plant and machinery – or your leisure vehicles, household items and other valued possessions – are secure. When you opt for the Merlin® Silentdrive Elite, you don’t just gain convenience; you gain peace of mind.

At The Garage Door Co, we don’t just supply, install and maintain roller door openers; we also offer a curated range of Colorsteel roller doors that are perfect across a huge range of applications. 

In fact, we are a one-stop shop for all your commercial and residential garage, shed, and workshop automated door requirements.


The Silent Drive Elite Advantage

Elevated Comfort & Efficiency

If you are in and out of your shed, workshop, residential or hobby garage multiple times a day, it is essential that you invest in technology to keep you dry and comfortable as you go about your business. 

With the Merlin® Silent Drive Elite at your fingertips, you can skip battling the weather and get straight down to business, shifting goods, providing services or taking care of some of your favourite things without the drama of getting in and out of your vehicle to deal with a clunky manual door.

Fully Automated Remote Access

Our remote operators include access to the myQ App, so you can open and close your door even if you are not on site. This makes it easy to take receipt of deliveries and action pick-ups and allows you to keep work flowing while keeping track of who is entering and leaving your property at all times.

Along with App access, each unit we supply includes two remotes, so you can share access or wall mount your spare.

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Check out our contemporary styles, which offer modern styling with a galvanised base metal and a range of great colours from Colorsteel and Resene.


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