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Protect Your Assets

Have you ever thought about your garage door springs? Most people don’t until they break.

A good quality, well-maintained garage door spring will ensure your assets remain protected, and when you head out to retrieve your vehicle, you will always have instant access.

Booking regular maintenance and repairs will ensure you can also access the vehicles in your garage and that your property remains secure. Garage door spring maintenance and repair is a specialist trade – don’t attempt this yourself; it’s unsafe.

Call our qualified, experienced team now to keep your garage door in optimum condition.


What are Garage Door Springs?

Your garage door relies on springs, whether manual or automatic opener. Two types of springs are commonly used: extension and torsion.


This spring type usually stretches above your horizontal tracks as your garage door lowers. These springs typically sit on both sides of the door, holding massive force as your garage door slips back into place.

Garage door springs
Torsion springs

Torsion Springs

These springs are installed horizontally above your garage door interior and carry a hefty weight load. They twist as the door opens and closes, providing a more balanced motion – torsion springs tend to have a longer lifespan.

Why does my garage door need springs?

Your springs alleviate the strain on your garage door opening device by counterbalancing the door’s weight as it opens and closes. All garage doors have springs, and it is essential that all the springs that support your door are in good working order.


Safety First!

The amount of tension on your springs is phenomenal, and it is never okay to try and install, maintain, replace or repair these springs yourself – it’s just not worth the risk of serious injury as the springs contain enormous pent-up energy and recoil quickly and with great force.



If one spring goes…

Your springs work together, and if one spring goes, you should stop using your garage door immediately, as the unbalanced mechanism will create an uneven strain and potentially damage your door and your opener.

If one spring has given out, it pays to replace them all, as the other springs are likely to be under the same strain and may give way also.


Let’s Talk Garage Door Springs

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