Garage Door Repairs


If you need garage door repair services, you should contact The Garage Door Company. We understand that faulty garage doors are inconvenient and frustrating as well as presenting a security risk. Whether your car is locked inside or your garage is exposed to the outside world, we will respond promptly to fix the problem.


We have over 20 years’ experience and can repair whatever brand of garage door you have including BFT, AHI, Merlin, Parker, Guardian, Windsor, and more. We also repair whatever type of door you have – sectional, roller, or tilt.

Here are some of the garage door repair services we offer: 

Garage door springs

The lifespan of garage door springs is usually between eight and 12 years. After this, the garage door becomes hard to use, and the spring can even break. Unfortunately, this often happens when the door is closed as that is when the spring is under the most tension. We repair or replace faulty springs.

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Bent tracks or if the door is not in the track.

Broken or tangled cables

You should inspect cables and springs regularly to spot signs of fraying or corrosion. If they do need maintenance, make sure you call The Garage Door Company as cables and springs are under extreme tension and need an experienced technician to make any adjustments or repairs.
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Usage problems

Garage doors that are stuck or noisy. We also repair broken opener chains and door arms on tilt garage doors. 

Door openers

Repair and replacement of automatic door openers for most doors (saving you money as you don’t have to replace the whole door).

Remote replacement

We stock and sell a number of garage door remotes.