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Smooth Operator

When you pull up your driveway, do you want your garage door to respond quickly and quietly? We can help. Discover the pleasure of a garage door that slides open and closes smoothly with a tilting mechanism and lets you glide inside with no fuss and no bother.


Secure & Streamlined

Our easy garage door opening system allows you to remain in your car going in and lets you close your sectional garage door behind you without ever having to leave the comfort of your vehicle.

This streamlined process ensures that your arrivals remain secure – day and night – and that you always feel protected entering and leaving your property.

All Weather Comfort

Imagine never having to leave your vehicle to open your garage door again. 

Our sectional garage door openers guarantee all-weather comfort no matter what is going on outside. Pull up to your property, hit your remote and drive on in – unload your car indoors and skip the weather drama all year round.

Total Control – The Merlin® Difference

Our range of sectional garage door openers is designed to fit a wide range of garage doors. You can decide what style works for you, and we install, maintain and repair your state-of-the-art sectional door openers from top-tier brand Merlin®. 

Choose from the Commander Elite, Extreme or Ultimate and get total control over your security and comfort. Merlin® provides integrated Wi-Fi, easy connectivity and space-saving technology alongside a 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Get the Whole Package

Need a new garage door and a sectional garage door opener?

Check out our contemporary styles, including the exceptional Door Co Cedar that will add a touch of timeless elegance to your property and the Doorco Ribline, offering modern styling with a textured woodgrain finish and robust character.



Remote Control

When we supply your sectional garage door openers, we ensure you are able to access your remote opening capacity even when your vehicle is away from the property. Installation includes two portable remotes – and we can wall mount one for ease of access.

App Control & In Built Safety

In addition to your remotes, you also get the myQ app, which allows you to control your ingress and your exits with the touch of a button on your smartphone. When you buy with us, you also get the inbuilt extra safety of The Protector System™, which automatically shuts down operations if the beam is broken or obstructed.

Sectional door setup

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We can pair your sectional garage door with the best opener in the business and ensure you maintain a combination of security and advanced aesthetics that will stand the test of time.

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