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Garage Door Spring Repairs


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Garage Door Spring Repairs

Motorised or automatic garage doors usually rely on powerful springs to do the heavy lifting, literally. With daily use, these torsion springs can undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years and malfunction. When that happens, you may find yourself
unable to open the door and take out your car. Since this is something that can happen any time, it is best to have your door’s springs periodically checked to avoid not only unnecessary hassles and frustration but also potential security threats.

The Garage Door Company has all the expertise necessary for the repair and maintenance of garage doors. If you have a broken spring, our team of garage door specialists will be happy to get it fixed or install a replacement, and have your door working as soon as possible. We install top quality from National Springs that manufactures some of the best springs in New Zealand. We can also inspect your doors on a regular basis to make sure the springs are in good condition. 

Our repair services also cover a variety of other aspects like broken or tangled cables, track repairs, and issues with garage door openers. GDC can look at your existing tilt / sectional or roller door and determine what kind of repairs are needed. 

If you find that your garage door isn’t opening and your car is stuck inside, or notice that some of the springs are unnaturally bent or rusty, contact our team immediately. We work all around Auckland and will be happy to give you a quote for a job.